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Wow, the museum is packed full of many interesting items. We had a lot of fun looking for secret doors, autographed guitars and many others. My favorite was the hidden wine cellar. It's an unusual and welcome twist for DC. Highly recommend it!

— Melanie from Griffiths

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Our seniors greatly enjoyed the storytelling and were fascinated by the museum. The staff was very welcoming, hospitable and informative. They mentioned that it was an overall enjoyable experience.

— Candy Truss from Dept of Parks and Recreation, Gwendolyn Britt Senior Activity Center

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No one is a better ambassador than Paul J. Cohn! He makes everyone feel like a VIP.

— Harry L. Holly from Triad Music Live

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I attended Dan Navarro's "Songwriting and the Creative Muse" songwriting workshop, and it was amazing. Dan was kind and welcoming while providing meaningful feedback, and I learned so much. The hybrid Zoom and in-person format worked great (I attended via Zoom). Any time you have Dan back for this workshop, either in person or virtually, I want to sign up! :) Thank you so much!

— Cindy Davis from DanFam
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