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We loved it! Trying to find the secret doors was such a fun and engaging experience on top of seeing the design of all the different rooms. Highly recommend! One suggestion might be to add a QR code or something where guests can learn more about the history or inspiration of the room as part of the self-tour. You could also do an augmented reality version where guests have virtual "goodies" to find as well.

— Andrea Flores

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This was the best "accidental" visit that I ever had. So much fun and I was excited that we found the wine cellar! I'm making plans to bring my other children over spring break. Amazing staff and we found a treasure, sweet little china tea cup, to buy to remember the day!!

— Tammy Rossi

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Absolutely amazing! I had so much fun exploring the museum and will definitely be back again!

— Carly Bastedo

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Lez Zeplin is always great and to see them that up close is a fantastic experience. Thanks for all you do to make this happen!

— Lance Tracey
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