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Numerology is a way to examine your life, explore new opportunities and learn more about your potential. It is a powerful tool to help you understand yourself, your colleagues and your family better.

These computer generated reports display a remarkably complete and accurate character analysis providing significant insight into your personality:

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the mansion has a wine cellar that transports you to another century?
  • your career
  • your finances
  • love and romance
  • home and environment
  • life choices
  • your talents

Some people choose to get two reports — one with their birth name, and/or one with their married name and/or name they are considering changing to.

enhance your visit

numerology can be added to any event, concert or tour by checking the box on the form when you make your reservation:

personal numerology report


relationship numerology report


we recommend you do the personal numerology report first, to create your "base line" of understanding.

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