Sponsor an Artist

On one level, expressing love is a risk, as it is with opening your doors and having an on-going artists-in-residence program. But for those of us who allow our dreams to transform and become our reality, there is no risk at all. We proudly step out on the world's stage, as the earth and the stars spin through the heavens at a dizzying rate and we share our love -- by expressing what is meaningful -- through helping others. What may be risk to some is simply the pursuit of passion and mission to OMF.

We reference “Sponsor an Artist” in the broadest of terms, as many top Fortune 500 CEOs poessess more artistic vision than you could ever imagine. Individuals benefiting from our Artist in Residence Program have not just been musicians, writers and artists, but have included lawyers, scientists and politicians ... who have lost their focus along the way, and needed to rediscover their heart and muse.

With your donation, individuals “between lives” are given the opportunity to pursue their discipline in a supportive, encouraging environment free from outside pressures.

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