About The Mansion

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The Mansion on O Street
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About the Mansion
The Mansion, located in the nation's capitol, is a private club, a small luxury hotel as well as an internationally recognized conference center and museum. Combining art, literature, and inspiration, The Mansion provides guests with an escape into the world as it should be, not as it sometimes is.


The Mansion, five interconnected town houses, includes a Conservancy, Grand Ballroom, European Wine Cellar, seven dining rooms, 12 conference/ meeting rooms, 23 guest rooms, 32 secret doors, 18 fireplaces, all with state-of-the-art technology. There are more than 100 television & plasma screens located within The Mansion, enough to satisfy even the most media conscious.

Having hosted foreign dignitaries, business leaders, and members of the entertainment industry for nearly three decades, The Mansion provides privacy, security, distinctive amenities, style, imagination, sumptuous surroundings and world-class cuisine in an environment that is nothing short of magical. No request is too large, no detail too small.


A Strict Mansion Privacy Policy
We take your security and privacy very seriously at The Mansion, with a strict, no-tolerance policy of never sharing your personal information—even your name—with anyone, before, during or after your event, hotel stay and/or retreat.

Simply put, no one can reach you when you are here, unless they have a password (or your mobile information). If anyone comes to the door or calls for a guest/member/employee, and they do not have the password, they will be told “There is no one here by that name” or “There is no group here by that name.” No exceptions. What happens at The Mansions stays at The Mansion.

This is part of our core philosophy and a key reason why the Mansion continues to be a preferred venue for so many private and corporate events over the years.

The History of the Mansion
The original Mansion was designed in 1892 and shared by the Clark Brothers: Edward, architect for the US Capitol (and, of course, The Mansion); Champ, Speaker of the House from 1911-1919, and a third brother, known only as "the artist." The Mansion was originally connected through the basement and the main floor. At one time, there were plans to replace the side garden with an adjoining home for a sister. However, the plan was never carried out and in the 1930's, The Mansion was converted into three separate rooming houses for FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover's G-men.

H.H. Leonards purchased The Mansion February 14, 1980, with the intent to restore its original character by reconnecting the row houses. In 1990, nearly a century after its original construction, she transformed the garden site into a unique five-story companion annex - completing the Clarks' dream.

Today, The Mansion consists of more than 100 rooms of varying architectural, artistic and design periods, from t he Victorian Age to the Art Deco/Avant Garde. Highlights include a two-story Log Cabin and the secluded Art Deco penthouse with private elevator.


Marketing Services
If you enjoy the creative spirit and talent that brought you The Mansion, you may be interested in our marketing services for your business. Through our sister company, PIR Marketing Associates, we offer outsourced corporate marketing, advertising campaign development, and creative workshops. We have assembled a renowned talent pool that has worked on development of some of the worlds' most respected global brands.

Design and Construction
The Mansion is also a full-service art & design firm specializing in the creation and implementation of carefully crafted corporate programs. Whether a client is seeking art to establish an environment, is looking for promotional literature and logo design, or requires sophisticated space planning and construction management, we bring over two decades of expertise to the task.

We are more than an art gallery, an architectural firm, or a general contracting company. We are a corporation that specializes in making your space work. We understand the need to create the correct image, without sacrificing functionality. Whether it is design of your logo, annual report or work space, our unique expertise as the general contractor gives us the edge in completing project on schedule and within budget.

ART Consulting And Museum Quality Framing
The question “What can business do for the arts?” is more urgent than ever as governments continue to cut funding of the arts. But The Mansion focuses on what the arts can do for business. As an advisor and planner, clients receive carefully crafted programs for personal or corporate art investments, public exhibitions, and professional image building. The Mansion has associates throughout the world. They buy posters in Rotterdam, sculptures in Italy, chalk prints in Kyoto, acrylics in Oklahoma, and fine paintings at auction in New York and London. The Mansion has a collection of over 10,000 pieces of art and artifacts, providing a broad range of art-related services by maintaining continuing relationships with emerging artists, major galleries, museums, publishers and consultants. We know from our own experience: investing in art is good business. For more information inquire at .

ART Investment
The art market is a good one because investments in fine art are exceedingly resistant to the ravages of inflation. But, like other markets, opportunities and mistakes are made. The Mansion provides professional guidance and suggestions. With an eye for both new and internationally-known artists, we provide consultation on art investments that offer solid and on occasion spectacular appreciation over time. But most of all, art is a joy; it can make you feel good, and learn more, about yourself. For more information, e-mail us at .

ART Leasing & Purchase Plans
Galleries and museums serve an important purpose, but they are removed from most people’s daily lives. The Mansion brings art to the work place. Offices become more pleasant. Morale improves. Customers and clients will sense the difference. To assure that the environment stays fresh, H.H. Leonards rotates the art on a regular basis, or brings in an entirely new exhibit. Everything you see in The Mansion is for lease. Leasing is not only cost effective, but is a tax-deductible business expense. For more information, e-mail us at .

ART & Public Relations
Learn from banks and insurance companies who get great mileage and public support from sponsoring art. If they can use art to improve their image, you can too. The Mansion specializes in the design and execution of the image-building art programs so important to modern business marketing. With an eye toward cost effectiveness, we can show you how to achieve public recognition and also recover most or all of your promotional costs. For more information, e-mail us at .

Corporate Retreat & Wellness Center
Many corporations and organizations enjoy using The Mansion as their destination of choice for off-site meeting. The property consists of twenty seven casual to formal meeting rooms that can accommodate up to 200, theater style. Due to the friendly, private, and relaxed environment, The Mansion is very busy with multi-day corporate retreats, planning sessions and Wellness Center Retreats. We balance old-world design, creativity and charm with state-of-the-art technology, world-class food and beverage service. For more information please contact our meeting and events coordinator at .

Interior Design, Space Planning & General Contracting
The Mansion is also a full-service design and construction management firm, specializing in the creation and implementation of carefully crafted corporate renovation and construction projects. One of our most successful businesses, we have designed offices—and been the general contractor for these designs —for many Fortune 100 Companies. Please inquire at 202.496.2024.

Museum & Art Gallery
The O Street Museum Foundation is dedicated to serving cultural, scientific and educational needs, with a focus on the creative process. The Museum promotes and embraces life, from every culture, resulting in a wide-ranging collection of paintings, photographs, sculpture, books, artifacts, and music— all of which we're proud to share with our guests. We believe that creative expression through all forms of art and scientific discovery is the definition of hope, and believe strongly in freedom of expression. Please note, however, that some of the items on display may offend certain people's sensibilities. Our intent is clearly not to exhibit questionable works of art or insult the integrity of our guests, but to preserve history and enlighten people to learn from the past, to uplift the human spirit, to where all are equal.

The O Street Museum Foundation is home to numerous traveling art exhibits. The Museum hosts artists and their work for the enjoyment of the community. Museum hours are by appointment only. Admission is $5/person for non-members. For more information and/or an appointment, e-mail us at .

Private Club & Restaurant
The Mansion is headquartered in an extraordinary Victorian house in Washington, D.C. Filled with antiques, blended with state-of-the-art technology, The Mansion is one of the most unique and intimate environments in the World. The ballrooms and public rooms combine history, art and architecture to craft an exhilarating entertainment experience.

Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as late night access is available for members. Conference facilities and retreats are a mainstay of The Mansion, drawing distinguished guests from all industries, internationally. Our renowned chef works with the event organizer to plan a unique and memorable event for each occasion. Our experienced five-star staff coordinates every last detail from flowers to valet parking.

We have entertained all International dignitaries, and music, movie and sports’ legends—let us entertain you. For inquiries regarding availability and pricing, please contact our Special Events staff at .

Special Event Management — Outside The Museum
PIR (Perception Is Reality) has handled special events spanning the globe -- from weddings, to conferences, to concerts. We have the creative and logistical expertise to ensure your vision is perfectly achieved and to insure the integrity of your budget. Whether your wedding is in Newport, Rhode Island, or your partners meeting is in Istanbul, we have nearly two decades of experience. Contact us at .